Consultative Sales Certification
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How CSC Works

1     Skills and Knowledge Assessment

This assessment is used to benchmark your skills and knowledge before and after the program. Your personal coach will help you set specific goals for the program based on your individual results.

2     Orientation and Kick Off

During your orientation meeting, you will meet your coach, receive your learning plan and instructions for accessing your online portal. You will also be introduced to the Consultative Sales Model that is foundational to this curriculum.

3     Individual e-Learning

We understand that sitting in a classroom is not always the best or most convenient method of learning. Approximately once a month, you will work on e-learning to further develop skills in conjunction with the group or individual training calendar. You will concentrate on one core sales competency at a time and will practice and apply skills in an engaging and interactive format.

4     Individual Application & Coaching

Training is only as effective as it is applied. After completing the monthly e-Learning, you will plan and apply the skills during customer interactions. Then, through your online portal, you will report on your experiences and receive feedback from your coach. This feedback provides valuable insights for moving forward in your sales initiatives based on your specific situations.

5     Coaching and Support

Coaching and support is infused throughout this curriculum. You will have access to your personal coach through your individual dashboard, where you will also access your modules and exercises.

Teams that enroll will also attend online group coaching sessions where you will share best practices and review key concepts. We also offer coaching guides for sales managers to support concepts individually as well as agendas for sales meetings to reinforce skills. Teams are groups of 5 or more participants.

6     Communication & Collaboration

Participants receive a personalized dashboard for the purposes of communicating with coaches and peers, to share best practices, access e-Learning and for group collaboration.



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  How CSC Works
  Core Competencies

Case Studies

  Mach 1 Global Services, Inc.


Please contact us or call (866) 848-1540 to speak with a CSC representative.





The Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) program has significantly helped our team improve their

performance. We are finally back to pre-recession sales results and momentum. Because of the success

and positive feedback from both seasoned professionals as well as new sales team members, we are

implementing this program company-wide for sales team members, sales managers and operational

managers. Our team is geographically dispersed, which makes CSC’s blended approach of e-learning,

web training and coaching very desirable. We especially appreciate the flexibility of the program and

the personal attention that CSC coaches provide to each individual participant. This program is a long-term commitment that is definitely worth the time if you are more concerned about impacting sales

performance and results as opposed to just participating in a training program. I highly recommend this


Jamie Fletcher – CEO – Mach 1 Logistics


“My biggest gain was confidence. I have been in sales for five years and technically I was fine,” said Richard Bowers, a Sandvik Sales Productivity Engineer – Canada, in his graduation address to the group. “This was just one eye-opener after another. Every module was directly relevant to what I do every day. At the end of the day, I am selling the same things, but now I present and communicate more effectively, have built better relationships with my internal and external customers, negotiate better and just approach my whole territory more efficiently.”


According to Emerson Aparecido, Sandvik Coromant – Argentina, “CSC is a complete program. It provides skills for how to plan and think before you act. CSC provides global skills in terms of understanding customer needs, how to help customers with their accomplishments, and how to handle complicated negotiations. Even though we have excellent value that we offer, if we don’t know how to address it, unfortunately we may not get the desired outcomes. I really appreciated the group conferences where we share best practices with other participants and review exercises and coach feedback that is fundamental to enhance our knowledge and development.”


I want to thank you all for the great sales training program!! I learned so much about how to recognize

the behavioral styles of my clients and prospects. This has helped me better adjust my approach

throughout the sales process. During the course of our training program, I improved my sales and

business development consistently. By the year’s end I was awarded “Most Improved Sales

Performance” for 2012! I want to thank Mach 1 Global for implementing the CSC program for sales and now our operationspersonnel to help them understand the process. And thank you CSC team for helping me improve and grow in sales!


Marianne Wilson | Vice President Global Accounts

Mach 1 Global Services


“We had our best sales year ever as a company and sold more than we ever have in the past. Several of us on the team are veteran salespeople and have good foundations. Yet, you get so wrapped up in your day to day that it is hard to take a step back and say, “How can I do better?” That is something I worked on all year with CSC and I came out of FY14 as a better salesman. The CSC program helped us to consistently focus on the things that matter for driving growth and building solid client and team relationships,” Charles Hunter, National Accounts Manager at Sashco.


“When we launched into this training, I didn’t realize the gap there is in terms of how people behave and what sort of information drives decisions like, do they look to people, do they look to data, how quickly do they respond, how do they respond to change, how do they communicate?” said Jeff Burch, Director US Sales - Sashco. “I didn’t anticipate learning that and yet this is one of the most valuable pieces of the program. As a team, we have talked about behaviors and communication the most because, what a powerful tool to be able to pick those things up and use. I would have never been aware of how people need to take in information until I went through this.”


“This has helped me realize why we aren’t closing. Before, we would go into this and feel like it felt good and nothing would happen. This made us plan sales so we were able to plan for commitments and know when to ask for them,” said Tari Warwick, Sales Operations Manager at Sashco.


“What affected me the most is about planning. I always tend to know where I am going, but I sometimes let the customer take control or forget where I am going. This has helped me stay focused yet conversational when it comes to bullet pointing all of the points that need to be made. It has just helped me stay on track and ask the right questions at the right time. All of the materials provided have been useful in putting into the planning process,” states Scott Stropko- Southwest Regional Sales Manager – Sashco.


According to Arnie Didier, Northwest Regional Sales Manager - Sashco, “One thing that I have realized throughout this process is that we all need to listen to the customer better. I just had a meeting with a big customer and reflecting on this, prior to the training I would have maybe not heard the nuances that I heard in this meeting. Each of our customers have unique needs and we can’t have a cookie cutter approach to solving them.”


According to Karen LaClair, Inside Sales Representative – Sashco, “I am not out pounding the pavement. The only sales that I thought I did coming into this program was when I was at trade shows. Going through this training made me realize that I do sales on a day to day basis, here, with customers, in the office and with my internal customer. I use these skills almost daily, just different from what people think of as traditional sales.“



“Especially with long sales cycles, you have to get creative and really listen to the customer to keep driving the sale forward. This program helps me to think all of the pieces through.” Jeff Rohr, VP of Sales Comcast Media



“I feel that understanding communication styles has greatly helped me improve my communication with customers. Now with this approach I can see better results and reactions from my clients.”


Ron Maes, Sales Consultant – Network Media Sales




“ I just closed a significant opportunity thanks to following this process.”

Jacob Friend, Sales Engineer, Walter Tool



“The Consultative Sales Certification program has greatly improved my sales skills.  I am much more prepared, I have significantly increased my negotiation skills and am gaining commitments quicker.  I have improved my communication, strengthened my relationships  with current customers and rapidly build rapport with new customers.  I have increased my sales outcomes and profitability.  This stuff really works!”

Jason Enz –Sales Engineer




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